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Financial Independence (FI):

the freedom to live the life you want to live without having to rely on a job, a partner or an advisor.

Will you reach financial independence... and when?
Are you checking the right boxes to stay on track?
Are you getting unbiased advice and how can you make sure it is, in fact, unbiased?
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Our mission is to
enable financial independence
while preserving privacy.

What is Oakify?

Oakify will help you define your financial goals with realistic target dates. Budgeting and tracking your net worth is a great first step, but tracking your progress toward your goals is what is really going to help you in the long-run.
Oakify is meant to be a guide that keeps you on track financially throughout fluctuating markets, macroeconomic cycles and life events. Our app will show you your progress and make personalized suggestions, without ever compromising the privacy of your data.


How it works

Track your net worth

01 Understand your situation

Calculate your total net worth, track your progress over time, and keep tabs on your Oakify Score to monitor your progress towards FI.

Peek into your future

02 Visualize your future

Define realistic goals, determine when they can be reached and project what your future finances may look like.

Growth strategy

03 Use the right tools

Explore the fastest route to your goals by enrolling into one of our five programs with specific recommendations, geared to your specific needs.

Chat with Oakify

04 Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistant will be able to tap into an expansive knowledge base to answer your questions and expand upon your financial literacy.

We're still in BETA.

Our beta users get all premium features for free, for the duration of the program.
After our launch, we will offer free and paid plans with different levels of features.


No. Oakify will point you towards the right direction rather than make automated investment decisions for you.

No. If we access your bank or brokerage data, it will be in read only.

Yes. We can keep track of your daily bank and brokerage balances and update your net worth accordingly.
We also have access to the daily stock market data to update your portfolio's worth. We are currently working on more ways to automate net worth updates.

Yes. Every financial data point can be entered in its own currency and we use the latest exchange rates to consolidate your net worth.
Available currencies include USD, EUR, CHF, CAD, AUD, SGD, HKD, CNY and 43 others.

Yes. Your data will be encrypted, end-to-end, which means no one except you can access it. We have seen no other personal finance app offer this level of privacy.

Yes. We have regular independent third party audits and we take data security very seriously.

We don’t use cookies. Cookies are browsing tracking devices and we are not interested in tracking our users. We do use analytics tools to understand the use of Oakify and improve our products but we use a privacy-first tool that does not track our users. There is no advertizing on our site.

It means Oakify is in an "early access" version. It is an important time during software development that lets us test functionality, gather feedback and fix bugs before the official release. This means our product is still a work in progress. Be aware that you may encounter potential product issues while Oakify is still in BETA.

Right now we don't. We are working on developing paid plans so Oakify can become a sustainable business. We will still offer a free plan for those who are starting out, with the same commitment to privacy.