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Take Back Control of Your Finances Without Giving Up Your Privacy.

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What is Oakify

Oakify is your roadmap to making better financial decisions. Our app keeps you on track towards achieving your financial goals, and gives objective guidance along the way. Best of all: your data stays private and encrypted end-to-end.

How Oakify Works

Oakify - Calculate Your Current & Future Net Worth
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Calculate Your Current & Future Net Worth

In a few simple steps, Oakify gives you a 360-degree view into your financial health and a personalized Oakify score that lets you track your progress.
Oakify - Set Goals and Track Your Progress
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Set Goals and Track Your Progress

Oakify helps you set up and find the best path towards achieving your financial goals – whether it’s a big purchase (like a house or car), staying out of debt, or a specific retirement or net worth target.
Oakify - Your Biggest Financial Questions Answered
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Your Biggest Financial Questions – Answered

Like having your own financial wellness coach, Oakify is here to give you guidance and a heads up if it looks like you might be falling off track from achieving your goals.
Oakify - Receive Guidance Along the Way
Oakify - Guidance Icon

Receive Guidance Along the Way

Expand your financial knowledge with the help of our friendly Virtual Assistant and tap into our growing library of financial resources (sign up to be the first to know about these).

We Take Your Privacy Seriously

Unlike other personal finance apps, Oakify uses end-to-end data encryption – that means your data remains secure and is never shared with third parties.

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Oakify Pricing / Plans

Start taking control of your finances today with a free 60-day trial that includes all premium features!
Net Worth Calculator
Oakify Score
Goal Setting
Virtual Assistant
100% Private: End-to-End Encryption
Oakify Programs:
* Get Out of Debt
* Build a Safety Net
* Start Investing
* Financial Safety
* Financial Independence
Automatic Bank & Brokerage Data
Transaction Categories
Share your data
Stock Portfolio Tools
Stock & Crypto Quotes
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$10 / month
Free for beta users for 60 days
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oakify a Robo Advisor?
No. Oakify will point you towards the right direction rather than make automated investment decisions for you.
Will Oakify make any transactions on my bank accounts?
No. If we access your bank or brokerage data, it will be in read only.
Can Oakify track and update my net worth automatically?
Yes. We can keep track of your daily bank and brokerage balances and update your net worth accordingly.
We also have access to the daily stock market data to update your portfolio's worth. We are currently working on more ways to automate net worth updates.
Can Oakify handle multiple currencies?
Yes. Every financial data point can be entered in its own currency and we use the latest exchange rates to consolidate your net worth.
Available currencies include USD, EUR, CHF, CAD, AUD, SGD, HKD, CNY and 43 others.
Will my data be encrypted and remain private?
Yes. Your data will be encrypted, end-to-end, which means no one except you can access it. We have seen no other personal finance app offer this level of privacy.
Is my data safe?
Yes. We have regular independent third party audits and we take data security very seriously.
Where is the cookies popup?
We don’t use cookies. Cookies are browsing tracking devices and we are not interested in tracking our users. We do use analytics tools to understand the use of Oakify and improve our products but we use a privacy-first tool that does not track our users. There is no advertizing on our site.
What does "We're still in BETA" mean?
It means Oakify is in an "early access" version. It is an important time during software development that lets us test functionality, gather feedback and fix bugs before the official release. This means our product is still a work in progress. Be aware that you may encounter potential product issues while Oakify is still in BETA.
How does Oakify make money?
Right now we don't. We are working on developing paid plans so Oakify can become a sustainable business. We will still offer a free plan for those who are starting out, with the same commitment to privacy.